Vasyl Pryimachuk
Software Developer
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Passionate programmer with over 5 years of professional software development experience. UI developer. Functional Programming practitioner. Interested in modern UI architecture, programming language design and state of the art UX.
github ActiveObject
languages english: upper-intermediate, ukrainian: native, russian: native

Summary of Qualification

development JavaScript, SPA, HTML5, CSS3, HTTP, REST, Node.js
libraries and frameworks react, flux/redux, immutable, d3, ractive, backbone, underscore, express, ExtJS, YUI
databases CouchDB, Redis, MySQL
dev tools git, webpack, browserify
environment MacOS, Atom, iterm2
just for fun logic programming, datalog, algebraic effects, persistent data structures

Work Experience

Lohika, June 2015 - now, Senior Software Developer

I've been working on various projects as Front-end Developer, most notably:

Datamart LLC, July 2013 - June 2015, Software Developer

I've been working on various single page web applications:

Vizor, June 2010 - December 2011, Junior Web Developer

I've been working full time on public transportation monitoring system - MAK: